“What can I say about Devin Travieso and Wayfarer Photography? He was a complete JOY to work with! He was on time, professional, polite, and remarkably prepared for a young photographer. I have worked with many pros over the years and I was beyond thrilled before, during and after my experience. Devin prepped me and was easy to communicate with prior to the shoot. He gave me feedback on outfits and looks, and was flexible with our theme and what we wanted to get out of the shoot. During the shoot, he gave good feedback, instruction, tips and was completely open to incorporating my own ideas and off-the-cuff shots. I received his photos quickly, just days after the shoot was complete. The pictures were tasteful and professional, and not overly photoshopped, but represented my personality and style completely! Whether you are a non-model, aspiring model, or professional model, Devin will capture your heart and soul through his artfully done photos. I highly recommend Wayfarer Photography!”
-Cassandra L.

“This is the most laid back shoot I have ever experienced. Devin just rolled with my mannerisms and turned them into poses. As a result, the shoot didn't have a cookie cutter look or feel (far from it actually). He is a fantastic guide when it comes to changing expressions or poses, so I always felt comfortable. It's apparent that he takes extreme pride in his work because everything turned out flawless. From start to finish, my shoot with Devin was personable and professional. Thank you Devin for making my experience awesome!”
-Autumn D.

“My boyfriend and I loved working with Devin! I've worked with other professional photographers and he is definitely my favorite. I love how he captures the moments and our personality instead of just posing in front of the camera. The whole experience was so much fun and relaxed that it didn't even feel like we were taking pictures. He also lets you see your pictures throughout the shoot and I was so impressed! The quality of his shots were amazing without any editing! I can't wait to work with Wayfarer Photography again!”
-Natalie D.

“I recently worked with Devin in a photography session and couldn’t have had a better experience. I was not used to being photographed like this, but he made it easy and fun. Very go-with-the-flow and produced some awesome shots. Would highly recommend him for any kind of photoshoot and can't wait to work with him again!”
-Molly M.

“I was very hesitate when I was first approached to have my photos taken, only because I have never done so and I hate being put on the spot. Working with Devin was a whole new experience. He had a way of making me feel so comfortable in front of the camera by holding a conversation and just giving positive feedback. He has a unique eye for the locations the shoots took place, but TRUST HIM! I'm definitely recommending him to anyone who is in need for a professional photographer. I hope to work with him again soon!”
-Jeanel G.

“I highly recommend Devin, he is great at what he does and works well with everyone he works with. This was my first photo shoot and I am glad to say it was an awesome experience. I was nervous and not too sure what do with myself but Devin guided me throughout the whole thing. Every time I was unsure or having trouble he would try to comfort me and strike a conversation to keep a relaxed setting. I'm pleased with the results and very happy with the experience.”
-Sara R.

"Devin is one of my favorite photographers that I have worked with and I have worked with many. He has a beautiful eye for locations and picture quality. Devin makes sure his clients are comfortable by maintaining conversation throughout the shoot, which eases your nerves. I highly recommend him for all your photography needs!"
-Alysia C.

I have done three shoots with Devin/Wayfarer Photography so far and could not be more impressed! I thought my pictures were absolutely stunning the first time I shot with him and surprisingly enough, every time we do another shoot, my pictures are even better than the last time. Devin is such a genuine and fun person to work with, so the overall experience of shooting with him was awesome because he makes good conversation throughout the shoot so that you never feel awkward. Also, he's super funny so the candids rock! The pictures are always turn out super creative and of course of brilliant quality. Not only that, but it takes very little time after shooting to receive your pictures which an impatient person like me LOVES.  I would highly suggest using Wayfarer Photography for any of your picture needs.
-Katie M.

Working with Devin was such a comfortable and fun experience! He makes it easy for you to understand what look/shots he wants, by explaining it in a simple way. With fun conversation and Devin's ability to relate to people on a personal level, it really made the shoot flow smoothly and casually. I really enjoyed how he allowed me to choose my outfits in such a respectful manner with which he stands for. Devin also has such a creative mind and professional work ethic and also allowed me to share my opinions and ideas of what I wanted and/or was comfortable with. His shots made me feel beautiful with his ability to capture me in such a natural state. He also allowed me to look at the shots during the shoot which really made me appreciate him as a photographer and individual! Devin was very corporative with all of my questions that I had prior to the shoot, which made me feel more confident going into it. I would strongly recommend Devin to anyone! Even from my first experience, I can tell he has the ability to work with anyone from all ages! I would love to work with him again!
-Hannah H.

When I decided to work with Devin Travieso on a photo shoot, I have to admit I was a little nervous at first, since I had never done one before. All my nerves went away the morning I met him for my shoot. He was nice, funny, and made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. He also guided me through all my poses and told me how/where to place my hands and feet and when to smile/when to be serious. It was a very pleasant experience and I am very happy with how all the photos came out, they are amazing! Devin remained professional throughout the whole shoot but he felt like a friend I had known forever, which made it easier to work with him. I would highly recommend Devin to anyone who is looking to do a photo shoot, he is very knowledgeable and knows how to take the perfect picture. I look forward to working with him again in the future.
-Ashley N.

I had such a great time working with Wayfarer Photography for several reasons. Devin played music and joked around during the shoot, which made me feel comfortable and relaxed. He’s not afraid to be adventurous with his photography, which made shooting with him really fun and a memorable experience. He has a vision and is great at directing and positioning you to make that vision come to life. I also really appreciate his desire to produce art that serves a purpose and tells a story.  I loved shooting with him!
-Chelbe H.

"Wayfarer photography is amazing! Devin has such a creative eye & knows so many good venues to shoot at! I promise you will not be disappointed with your photos. He is such a genuine person to work with & will make you feel extremely comfortable (because let's face it, for those of us who aren't models, trying to do so can feel a little awkward). However, I was super comfortable with him & when I didn't know how to pose myself, he worked with me and showed me what to do! Also, the edited images were sent to me so quickly! He's very dedicated to his work & wants to make sure clients are super happy with everything. I would recommend him to everyone! You won't be disappointed!"
-Kelsey O.

Working with Devin was an absolute blast! He was extremely professional, punctual, and stayed with us as long as it took to get the perfect shots, even when it started raining! He has a way of capturing the most candid moments without you knowing he even took the shots. His turnaround time is almost instant compared to other photographers that make you wait a month or more. The final shots were nothing short of amazing. He is truly an artist with the camera. I won't hesitate to contact him again the next time I need a photographer. Needless to say, I highly recommend him to everyone!"
-Hami S.

"I highly recommend Wayfarer Photography! I had such a great experience. Devin was very kind & really easy going to work with. He makes you feel at ease, so you can be yourself & he captures the perfect shot. I was very pleased with my pictures and with how quickly I received them. Over all, my experience was awesome. I give Wayfarer Photography two thumbs up!"
-Priscilla G.

I had a great first experience with Wayfarer Photography! The photographer was extremely nice and easy to work with. His preferences in the models' outfits are very respectable. He knows what he's doing behind the camera. He's real good at picking out the locations to shoot at. From beautiful nature to amazing, artistic backgrounds. Devin's turn around on pictures is extremely quick and the edits are perfect. If you're looking for a fun, easy photoshoot, Wayfarer Photography is the one to go with."
-Keleigh G.

"I really enjoyed my experiences working with Wayfarer Photography. I used Devin for my senior portraits and I liked them so much that I asked him to work my graduation party. He was able to get some great shots on both occasions. He is very easy to work with and was open to traveling a bit for the perfect location. I would definitely recommend Wayfarer Photography to anyone looking for an outstanding photographer and a great experience!"
-Mary H.

"Having Devin take my senior photos was a great decision and I definitely am beyond satisfied with the results! He's so creative and really has an eye for the perfect picture. He's not afraid to take risks and will use anything that captures his eye as a prop or background. During my shoot we found a cool, very retro Volkswagen bug convertible and he was not afraid to find the owner and ask to use it. Beyond that, he is absolutely incredible to work with and makes taking pictures fun. Delivery of the pictures was almost instant. I had edited and perfected copies of them sent to me in less than 24 hours. He is truly dedicated to his work and puts the best effort possible into all of it. Overall it was a fun experience and the photos were fabulous."
-Brianna P.

"Devin, of Wayfarer Photography, is a great photographer and guy to work with.  I have worked with him on two separate occasions and during the process, he guides you through different poses and makes you feel comfortable while doing so. He knows how to find the right settings, lighting, and contrasts in order to get the perfect shot. He takes great posed and candid shots, and usually gets a great mixture of the two during the shoot. His turnover time in taking the photos and getting them to you is both fast and the delivery method is very convenient. I highly recommend him as a photographer for any type of photos you need, such as family, wedding, or portrait shots."
-Trey L.

I've worked twice with Devin so far, and each time has been such a wonderful experience. I was a little nervous for my first shoot, but he was very collected and relaxed, which definitely helped ease my tension. He has an incredible eye for what works and for what doesn't. What's great about his style is that he aims to get a mixture of spontaneous, natural shots along with posed, serious shots, etc.. He strives to make you as comfortable as possible and will never, ever make you do anything distasteful or something you're not comfortable with, which makes him a wonderful photographer for all ages.  Personally, what was extremely helpful is that he's real and he's also genuinely complimentary. Often it's difficult to feel comfortable when you can't see yourself, but his reassurance and guidance gave me the confidence that I would need throughout the shoot. Devin is very punctual about when to arrive for the shoot and when you will receive your final, edited pictures. I was shocked at how quickly I was able to view my pictures. I've only had one other photo shoot with a separate photographer, for acting head shots, and it wasn't until about a month (maybe even two) after the shoot that I finally received my pictures. With Devin, I had them by that week. Overall, I have absolutely loved working with him and he is at the very top of my recommendation list."
-Audrey N.

"I loved the way Devin Travieso of Wayfarer Photography took my pictures. He was very patient and very friendly. He also knew the shot that he wanted to get, so he was assertive as well. He's not only a photographer but an artistic director. He is a very talented man that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. When my pictures were finished, he was quick to send them to me. They were beautifully edited and more than I expected."
-Richelle C.

My experiences working with Wayfarer Photography have been nothing but pleasant. He makes arrangements easy and is willing to meet nearly anywhere for a photoshoot location, which is remarkable. Overall experience during the shoots is great. After having many shoots with him, I can say that he works well with people who aren't as familiar with being photographed, as well as those who have modeled before, and I don't feel that poses are something that I was left alone to come up with, which makes things easy, fun, and gets the perfect shots done quicker! The method of getting pictures to clients is perfect--extremely easy to access and fast in delivery--right up my alley! Can't say greater things about Wayfarer Photography."
-Micaela C.

"Working with Devin from Wayfarer Photography is a blast. Devin knows how to make you feel comfortable, and he's very concerned with making his customers happy. He asked me what I don't like about my face (whether it be a shiny head, double chin, pimple above my lip, lines around my eyes) and he makes sure he edits those to my liking, when other photographers just assume what I may be comfortable with. He makes sure that in the pictures you look modest and your best! I received my photos the next day, bright and early in the morning, which is an amazing delivery time compared to others. I will definitely be using Wayfarer Photography again for future photo shoots!"
-Sarah W.

"Working with Devin is super easy. He has a very creative mind and is open to new ideas as well.  All in all, it was an enjoyable experience!"
-Austin C.

"While Devin of Wayfarer Photography is a fresh face to the Boerne-San Antonio area photography scene, you'd assume his work was the product of a seasoned pro! I had an awesome opportunity to have some pictures taken of myself by Devin. He understood I've never taken part in a photoshoot before and was quite patient; had no qualms about giving me a bit of direction as I began to warm up to the camera. He would also show me the photos as we went, which helped immensely in figuring out what was working for me and what wasn't. By the end of it, I was quite relaxed and the pictures came out looking natural and quite artistic!  All-in-all, if you're looking for an easy-going photographer with an eye for composition and color, definitely check out Wayfarer Photography."
-Kristy F.

"Devin is a fantastic person to work with. He is always prepared and makes the whole process very smooth, comfortable, and easy-going.  The photography speaks for itself- the results are incredible! His number one concern is his customer's happiness and he is sure to make the outcome exactly how you've envisioned it. I have worked with him a couple of times for different occasions, and he never disappoints. Wayfarer Photography is versatile, unique, beautiful, and definitely the way to go!"
-Bella G.

"My experience with Wayfarer Photography was comfortable and exciting. Devin was so fun and easy to talk to and had a way with making me feel like the camera wasn't even there. I had couple photos and solo photos taken and received the finished edits a couple days after. I was extremely happy with the moments that were captured and will recommend Wayfarer to anyone looking for event, or just casual photos."
-Savannah G.

"Why Wayfarer Photography? Because he is creative, punctual, and delivers high caliber images that move souls!"
-Christian T.

“Working with Devin was just the best! He's very professional and a great photographer. He always communicates well, so before the shoot I knew exactly what to expect. This was my first time having a photoshoot and I was a little nervous, but he made me feel very comfortable and at ease with the camera. I will always highly recommend wayfarer photography! It's the best in my book.”
-Ximena C.

“Devin was very professional and an absolute pleasure to be around. You can tell that he loves what he is doing and it shows in the pictures. The turnout of my pictures were amazing! I would recommend him to anyone who needed a great photographer for beautiful pictures!”
-Lexi E.

“Devin made my boyfriend and I feel so comfortable! He helped us get amazing pictures, all while having fun. Even my boyfriend, who isn't comfortable with pictures or posing, ended up having a great time and loving the pictures that Devin made us look so natural in! No matter what you need pictures taken for, I highly recommend Devin.  You'll not only end up with amazing, creative, and beautiful pictures. You’ll leave having a great experience and so much fun! “
-Abigail W.

“Working with Devin was a true joy! He picked a beautiful spot for the shoot, he was timely, and he allowed me to check out the photos as he was taking them, which was just too cool. I have done several shoots with other photographers over the years and he is by far the kindest! With most photographers, the turn around for photos is weeks to months, but just hours after our shoot he had sent me a couple edits to preview. I would highly recommend Wayfarer Photography for any of your photography needs!”
-Leah S.

“Going into this photoshoot, I was super nervous & felt out of my comfort zone. Devin really changed that outcome by helping me feel more comfortable & relaxed. The location was beautiful & had so much history behind it. Devin also made me feel included in the actually taking of the photos by letting me view them after shooting them. I hope to shoot more with Wayfarer Photography.”
-Daniela G.

My experience with Wayfarer photography was fantastic! I had so much fun getting to shoot with Devin! His shots and images were awesome and very professional! He had great vision on where to shoot and what he wanted, as well as his knowledge of photography and working with lighting to create awesome images! Lastly, he is very encouraging with his subjects and directions he gives them for the exact shot he thinks will turn out best, while also working with you and what you want! I highly recommend Wayfarer photography to anybody looking for a family friendly or just all around great photographer!”
-Caitlin W.

Having no previous experience with photoshoots, I was nervous about how to go into one. The photographer was super helpful in walking me through it and making me more comfortable and natural while in front of the camera. He had a very good eye when it came to picking out the scenery. I loved the backgrounds that were chosen and had a lot of fun taking part in the shoot. The pictures came out beautiful and if I ever need a photographer, I'm definitely going back to Wayfarer Photography. Awesome experience all together.”
-Brittany R.

“Devin of Wayfarer photography is a very talented photographer. He captured unexpected moments and has a great eye for a beautiful shot. Devin is a pleasure to work with, he's patient, and gives great direction. I received my photos in a timely manner and was very happy with the quality of his work.”
-Denise G.

“Prior to working with wayfarer photography, my only other experience with a professional photographer was tremendously bad! I literally never wanted to do another photo shoot again! Because of that, I was nervous and uneasy about working with Devin. However, my shoot with Devin was just the most fun experience ever! I felt like I was hanging out with an old friend and it was the first time we had even met!  I felt energized and excited from his demeanor. It was certainly not your run of the mill-whatever-shoot. I had a blast and got some absolutely spectacular photos out of it.”
-Stacey A.

My experience with the shoot was amazing. It was very relaxed and I enjoyed being told what to do and how to pose. It made the shoot easier for me. Overall, it was a great time and I can't wait for the next shoot.”
-Madison D.

“Working with Devin was extremely easy. He knew just how to give enough effortless direction, while keeping the mood light, easy, and fun! Every photo taken was gorgeous even before any editing, truly a talented photographer.  I'm definitely looking forward to working with him again in the future.”
-Alayah B.

“My experience with Wayfarer Photography was exceptional. Devin responded promptly to my questions and was very courteous and thorough in preparing for the photoshoot.  He was open to some of my suggestions and was willing to formulate ideas together to make the photoshoot enjoyable.  Devin is very easy going and relaxed, making it a very memorable experience. I was very pleased with all my photos.”
-Rachel K.

“My experience with Wayfarer photography was one of a kind. It was definitely one of my favorite shoots to be a part of! Devin has such a unique perspective that made my shoot feel personal and catered to who I am as a person. I really felt like he wanted my personality to be portrayed through the photos he took. His eye for natural candid moments is one of the best I've encountered and his talent is clearly displayed through the moments he captures. I would love to be able to shoot for wayfarer photography again and would definitely recommended wayfarer photography to anyone looking for photographs that go beyond your typical portraits. You will not be disappointed by his talent and unique eye for art.”
-Bailee E.

My experience with Wayfarer Photography was great. He was professional, easy going, and specific about what he wanted. My sister and I didn't feel awkward, uncomfortable, or anything of that nature - being that it was the first time we had met Devin. He makes you feel comfortable and gets you to laugh. I also enjoyed the directions he gave us throughout the shoot on what he wanted and how he wanted us to dress and pose. It helped me out a lot. Upon receiving the pictures, I was very excited and happy to see them! They turned out great!”
-Julie F.

I was ready to write a review the minute I drove away from our photo shoot Friday. I didn't even need to see the edited photos to know that this experience and the finished product would exceed my expectations by far. I knew there was a reason larger than just enjoying the art that made me follow Wayfarer Photography. Devin was wonderful to work with, knew exactly how to make me comfortable, knew the perfect places to background these moments, & ultimately find me the images I would cherish forever. I’m so thankful and in a heartbeat I would recommend his services and use them again!”
-Jeanette M.

I really enjoyed having pictures taken with my sister by Devin.  Devin is very personable and friendly from the get go.  Devin pays attention to the details of his photographs, even down to the tiniest things like nail color, making sure nothing takes away from the person.  Devin made it super easy to be comfortable in front of the camera and I loved his ability to capture the moment - this is coming from a person who does not like taking pictures. Another great thing about Devin was he got our pictures back to us in a timely manner.  He really does his best to make sure the his clients are happy with the photographs.”
-Marissa F.